Bo Jackson told Deion Sanders on his podcast that he could run for 350-400 yards per game if the NFL was like this when he played

-Jackson told Sanders that guys don’t wrap up anymore, and that he used to run through all sorts of tackles and wouldn’t go down

-Jackson was a sensational athlete, obviously…what could he have accomplished in today’s style?

What games intrigue you the most this week in the B1G, now that we can’t watch Nebraska play? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-The 2:30pm slot with Indiana and Rutgers might be interesting, to see if the Hoosiers can avoid a letdown game after a big win, and to see if Greg Schiano already has something going with Rutgers

-Of course, the big game is Ohio State/Penn State, but don’t forget about Northwestern/Iowa

Jeff Potrykus (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

-How did this all play out? No one had the virus before the Illinois game, but did the next day?

-Do Nebraska fans have the right to feel slighted since this was not in the red phase to have a mandatory cancellation of the game?

-How does this affect Wisconsin going forward for ability to play games? Vanden Boom still to start?

Rick Hamann’s (of Sartor Hamann Jewelers) Song of the Day

-What’s next in Rick’s personal favorite albums of all time? Will Sip get his trivia questions right?

This could all have been avoidable if Kevin Warren never canceled the rescheduled season

-Remember that? With the Big Ten Network schedule? There were built in extra bye weeks in November to possibly help with games that got canceled earlier in the year. Nebraska would have started at Rutgers

-Then, 6 days later, the season was canceled, before it was brought back to start in late October. Kevin Warren has not done himself any favors in terms of getting to the next level, if the NFL is his goal. He created zero room for buffer, when there was perfect room for buffer in the schedule revision in August

Nebraska/Wisconsin officially canceled, as the Badgers pass the threshold of COVID cases allowed to be able to play….now what?

-We mentioned 2018 yesterday on the show, and how the canceled first game against Akron hurt Nebraska, and they ended up starting 0-6 that season

-Nebraska could have used a confidence boost with (possibly) beating Wisconsin, and no game would mean a road game at Northwestern next week, and then Penn State at home after that. Those games all seem more winnable if Nebraska had gotten the Wisconsin monkey off their back, but without that game, they put the program in more doubt of winning those games. Meanwhile, Kevin Warren cackles.