Bock is in for Sorenson and he is still pumped about Cam Taylor Britt’s return

-Best CB since Prince? Best football player at Nebraska since ___?

-The Defense is clearly ahead of the offense at this point. Is this concerning or is actually good news for a quicker turnaround?

Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Cam Taylor-Britt and JoJo Domann announced they are returning to Nebraska next much does that change the outlook for the defense?

-How soon can Nebraska achieve success that similar programs like lowa State and Northwestern had this year?

-Do you think the B1G will do away with divisions at some point in the near future?

Jake and Sip argue who is the better Nebraska defender between JoJo Domann and Cam Taylor-Britt

-The good news is both will return to the Nebraska football team for the 2021 season. Domann led the Huskers in tackles and Taylor-Britt garnered high praise from Travis Fisher in 2020.

-Getting both players back is a big off-season win for Scott Frost heading into year four, but which player do Sip and Jake think is more valuable?

The Drive: January 4th, 4:25pm – Cam Taylor-Britt returning

  • BIG news for the Huskers defense
  • Answering callers questions

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 3

-Do you believe the 4-team CFP is set the way it’s going to be or is there a chance of someone falling out?

-Schaefer is a Vikings fan…how is kicker Dan Bailey still employed today?

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Nebraska/Rutgers tomorrow at 6:30pm in Piscataway…what are you hoping to see, and what are you EXPECTING to see from Nebraska?

-Thoughts on Nebrasketball being 3-3 through 6 games, and coming off of 2 losses to Georgia Tech and Creighton ahead of tonight’s newly scheduled game against Doane…

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 1

-Early National Signing Day was yesterday…what are your thoughts on this class compared to previous classes and other B1G classes?

-Nebraska lands zero All-B1G players on offense…is it a recruiting problem or a talent problem?

-Do you expect big staff changes this offseason for the program or not?



Nebraska lands ZERO players on the Offense All-B1G First, Second, and Third teams…if it’s a recruiting problem, when does it change? And if it’s development, when does that change?

-Not surprisingly, Ohio State dominated with lots of players on all the teams, but it is annoying to see teams like Iowa with 4 players on the all-offense teams, and Indiana also with 4 players

-Whether you want to blame talent or development, both are issues right now, especially after year 3 in a coach’s tenure. Brenden Jaimes probably deserved a spot, but that still is only one deserving player

-When does the switch flip? Nebraska seems to have good o-line players, but still so much to prove. Excited to see Thomas Fidone in the future, but what about the ‘now’? So easy to recruit against Nebraska

The Denver Broncos played without a QB yesterday against the Saints…what a scene

-All 4 QBs on the Broncos roster tested positive for COVID, and the NFL didn’t cancel the game, so the Broncos were forced to get creative at QB. What a sight!

Dominic Raiola (Former Husker/NFL center) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Are you seeing enough progress from Scott Frost’s team in his third year as head coach?

-Nebraska looked more prepared to play this week, but they weren’t last week…how does that happen?

-What do you need to see the next 2 weeks to believe the guys are still believing in the process?

Do you still trust Scott Frost to get things figured out at Nebraska?

-Frost is 10-19 as Nebraska’s head coach. He’s lost 3 straight to Iowa, but at least has kept the game within 6 points each time, unlike what Mike Riley’s final 2 games against Iowa looked like

-Nebraska’s defense responded well after a bad showing against Illinois. They gave up points, but can’t really blame them for the loss. Special teams and poor offensive series is more to blame. So, Chinander gets a pass this week again. But when does this turn around? Patience required. Then…you look at quick turnaround at Rutgers with Greg Schiano in year 1…why is that happening, then?

Northwestern’s embarrassing loss to Michigan State just made the B1G situation even more of a mess

-Northwestern forgot they were good and lost 29-20 to Michigan State, while Ohio State is one more canceled game away from not being able to play in the conference title game, and Wisconsin is already ineligible. What a disaster for the conference

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)