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-What’s on Sip’s mind this week in learning how to age gracefully?

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Lee Sterling (Paramount Sports) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Oklahoma St (-3’) vs. Iowa St

-Iowa (-3’) vs. Purdue

-Michigan (-2’) vs. Minnesota

-Ohio St (-26’) vs Nebraska

-Pittsburgh (-1’) vs. Tennessee

-Penn St (-6’) vs. Indiana

It’s time for Sip and Jake’s official predictions for the Big Ten in 2020…where will Nebraska end up at?

-Sip and Jake go game-by-game for Nebraska and pick their win-loss record, on the eve of their first game of the season. Where does this put them in the division standings?

-Penn State is a good team, but can they push Ohio State? Are Jake and Sip like everyone else in thinking that the Buckeyes come out of the East? Who wins the West? Lots to unpack…

Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

-2020 TEAMS Conference, Inaugural Corn Cup, Message to fans for upcoming Husker season, etc.

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Will Nebraska ever close the talent gap to a certain extent with Ohio State?

-Nebraska’s recruiting rankings (don’t get Sip triggered) would indicate that they are up to the same level of recruiting as the Big Ten West, but they haven’t been backing that up on the field

-Ohio State is consistently a top 5 team in recruiting in the rankings…what can Nebraska do to ever close the talent gap on the field against them?

We have HUSKER FOOTBALL TOMORROW….are you jacked, nervous, or something else?

-Tomorrow is the day! Husker football is back! Are you jacked for football or nervous to see how this season goes, because you want Scott Frost to be able and make progress in his 3rd year?

-Also, Connor Culp will kick for Nebraska, and William Pryzstup will punt…will be fascinating to see if those units look better in 2020…because they NEED TO

-More from yesterday’s Scott Frost Zoom session…

Are we selling Scott Frost’s Nebraska program too short as we prepare for the season?

-Frost has had only 9 wins in his 2 years so far, but some people’s outlook for Nebraska this year seems like something you might see at Rutgers, Illinois, or other bottom-feeder schools

-Why shouldn’t people believe a leap in Year 3 is possible for Nebraska? Why do people believe this team might not improve this year?