The Drive: October 9th, 5pm – More Nebrasketbub news, Big Ten Trash talk, and another McGowens?

  • Welcome to the Nebrasketbub, San Francisco
  • Fred Hoiberg teaches Tom Izzo how to shoot free throws
  • Another McGowens? A five-star McGowens???

The Drive: September 16th, 5:25pm – Victory Lap

  • The Clippers lost, Ryan has been right the whole time about Kawhi and the Clippers
  • Happers Nuggets come back from down 3-1 for the SECOND time in the SAME PLAYOFFS

DP & Stephens: NBA Talk

DP and Tom talk about the NBA playoffs in the bubble and some of the breakout stars of the last few weeks.

The Drive: August 26th, 4pm – All NBA Playoff games scheduled for today have been cancelled/postponed

  • Bucks refused to come out of the locker room for the first game, Magic didnt accept the forfeit to play the game later
  • The NBA decided to cancel the rest of the games
  • Thomas Fidone…

The Drive: August 26th, 3pm – Milwaukee Bucks protest playoff game

  • Bucks-Magic was supposed to start but the Bucks didnt come out of the locker room
  • Regarding the situation in Wisconsin, the Bucks did not feel comfortable playing
  • Could the NBA playoffs be over?

The Drive: August 24th, 5:25pm – Lets revisit the whole bubble quality of play thing

  • The variance here is pretty wild. Will we look back on it differently?
  • Asterisk?
  • What is going on with the Denver Nuggets?

The Drive: August 4th, 5:25pm – Shooting in the Bubble is off the charts

  • Players are shooting much better inside the bubble because of the depth perception
  • Jamal Crawford…Tabb hates him
  • Stop calling people a bucket…Happer doesn’t like it

DP & Stephens: Tom’s 10

Today’s edition of Tom’s 10 celebrates the NBA return to play with Tom’s top 10 current NBA players.

The Drive: July 28th, 3:25pm – College Football….bubbles?

  • Let’s just think about this for a second. What in the world would this look like?
  • You would first have to get over the fact that these aren’t “student-athletes” they’re athletes first. It would be a hard thing to get over
  • Hub cities? Could you do it?

The Drive: July 23rd, 4:45pm – Drunk Segment

  • The NBA Bubble seems like the safest place in the whole United States
  • The Washington Football Team…how about that…

The Drive: July 17th, 3pm – As a coach, DP, how would you handle the NBA Bubble? Do you trust players to handle it right?

  • Staying within the boundaries
  • Not worrying about being a snitch and keeping the season alive

The Drive: July 14th, 5pm – NBA Bubble

  • Can we trust NBA players not to break curfew/the bubble?
  • The NBA Playoffs are almost perfect for a bubble as the losing team has to go home