DP & Stephens: Jaylen Reyes (Husker Volleyball)

Husker Volleyball Assistant Coach Jaylen Reyes joins the show ahead of the game against Iowa tonight.

  • Preparing for Iowa
  • What does John Cook mean when he says “they just wanted it more.”
  • Who’s the person they turn to when things aren’t going well?

First serve tonight is scheduled for 7pm on BTN.

The Recruiting Hour: August 11th – Reaction to Kevin Warren

  • Kevin Warrens appearance on BTN didn’t really do much to help us understand the Big Tens decision

The Recruiting Hour: August 11th – Kevin Warren live on BTN

  • The Big Ten has decided to move the Fall season to the spring
  • Kevin Warren (Big Ten Commissioner) went on BTN and spoke on the decision the conference made

The Drive: July 2nd, 5pm – BTN is rolling out their All-Decade football team, who in the hell will be the QB?

  • There are some options, but they are not great ones

The Drive: May 14th, 5pm

  • Frost on with Rick Pizzo of BTN
  • Wrap things up