DP & Stephens: December 27th, 12pm

  • Is not being a bowl game this year really that big of a deal?
  • College Football Playoff breakdown
  • Wing Man

Despite the loss to Wisconsin, are you convinced that Nebraska played well enough to build off it and win 2 more games to get to a bowl game?

-As Frost mentioned, the defense needs to improve (tackling….yikes), but the offense showed lots of signs of life without Wan’Dale Robinson

-Maryland is up next, and they just aren’t very good. And then there’s Iowa, who just knocked off Minnesota, 23-19, on Saturday, taking the Gophers from the unbeaten ranks. How are we feeling about that game as Nebraska is in must-win mode to get to a bowl game in the season’s final 2 weeks?

-Also Jake is mad and refuses to play Take It Easy by the Eagles for himself…. find out why


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A bowl game seems very, very unlikely now for Nebraska….where are fans at with their panic button?

-It’s pretty eye-opening to see a change like we just saw at Florida State so quickly, but we live in an impatient society. But even if Nebraska fans are patient, they can still be concerned about issues that are still cropping up 21 games into the Scott Frost era

-Are we asking for coaching changes? SHOULD we be? Or is that just your typical “things aren’t going well, we need to fire someone” overreaction? Regardless, there has to be SOME concern, even with the super patient portion of the fanbase. Purdue is not good! Not this year, at least. And a (likely) third straight year without a bowl game? Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes.


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How confident are you at this point that Nebraska will make a bowl game this season?

-It seemed like a given with how Nebraska finished last season and all the expectations for the upcoming year…yet here we are, after an embarrassing 34-7 loss at Minnesota, heading into a buy week, where this is not an easy question to answer. Indiana is up next, and they have looked respectable for the most part of this year. Then Purdue, who just blasted Maryland, 40-14. And then…..Wisconsin, Maryland, Iowa. GULP. Is 6 wins still going to happen?

-Let’s try to not be prisoners of the moment for a second and assess what Nebraska can fix before their next game. If they don’t beat Indiana….a bowl game seems quite unlikely


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Are you worried about Nebraska’s mental toughness to bounce back following this loss or does this affect your thoughts on how the season will go?

-ESPN’s stats guy, Bill Connelly, dropped Nebraska’s chances of going to a bowl game from 79% to 40% following the loss to Colorado. That’s quite a change in perception of how a season goes

-Do you feel like the season is headed the wrong direction, or do you have faith in Frost to figure it out? Note Northwestern last year, losing non-conference games to Akron, Duke, and Notre Dame, but going 8-1 in conference play to win the division. Iowa and Wisconsin look good so far, is Nebraska going to be at their level when the play them?

-You have to wonder about Nebraska’s ability to close out a game. Look at last year against Northwestern. Similar story on Saturday.


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Bill Moos puts a goal on 6 wins for Nebraska football in 2019—are you surprised to hear that?

-Bill Moos seems to be a ‘big thinker,’ so this seems like a small goal for him. Is he saying that to temper down expectations from getting out of control, or is that genuine?

-Frost discussed his thoughts on Moos saying 6 wins was the goal, and did say that anything less than that would be a failure because he “doesn’t want to spend another Christmas at home until he retires.” Talk about a big quote.

-ESPN’s Bill Connelly’s metrics have Nebraska at 4th best in the West….