DP & Stephens: Husker Bites

DP and Tom listen to the newest Husker sound bites from media availability.

How pumped are people for Nebrasketball this season?

-It’s a legitimate question, after a season that ended in a 17-game losing streak, but also a team that added players that sat out and other transfers, too

-The Bryce McGowens signing is certainly big for energy, but what about this year?

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Does this Husker defense seem ahead of ones of the past, or do you still have big questions?

-What is the fix for Nebraska’s second half woes and also their problems in the red zone?

-Northwestern plays Wisconsin this weekend…

If Nebraska’s offense comes to life against Illinois, will you believe it’s been fixed going forward, or that it’s just because it’s Illinois?

-Nebraska has had some great offensive performances against Illinois under Lovie Smith as head coach. They are averaging 48 points per game against the Illini in the Smith era

-So..if Nebraska has a big offensive game and puts up big yards and points…is that because the offense is fixed, or because Illinois’ defense is bad? Surely you wouldn’t expect a huge output against Iowa next week…right? What would show real progress and what would show that their defense was just bad?

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Nebraska is winless no more…how much does that monkey off the back help them to play looser on Saturday and going forward?

-What was your assessment of Luke McCaffrey’s game against Penn State and his outlook ahead?

-Saturday was the first really good special teams performance of the year…can they repeat the success?

Blackshirts have been handed out, but we don’t know to who…are you buying what you’re seeing from the defense and to see it continue?

-Ohio State moved the ball well against Nebraska in game 1, but not to the extent that they had with ease in years past. The defense hasn’t played the toughest offenses since that game, but has also held their own

-Do you believe the defense is fixed to a certain extent to keep Nebraska in every game going forward? Or is there still some to prove? How much does Iowa’s offense scare you for next weekend, if at all?

-More from Erik Chinander/others on Tuesday’s Zoom session…

The Drive: November 17th, 4pm – Blackshirts are here, why don’t the coaches want to tell people about it?

  • Social media = bad

The Recruiting Hour: November 17th – Opening Segment

  • Blackshirts, who got em?
  • Alternate jerseys?
  • Culps stolen truck

Garrett Nelson and Damian Jackson receive Blackshirts, mostly for the way they carry themselves and not-so-much on the field performance

-Nelson has been a vocal freshman this year, and though he hasn’t made a huge impact on the field, coaches rave about his energy level and ‘want to,’ and that it’s good for teammates to see that

-This may upset some who believe that Blackshirts are intended for players who perform to a level on the field that is worthy of the honor…is it a perfect situation for this circumstance, though? Frost has mentioned that too many guys are OK being OK…even though Jackson and Nelson haven’t changed a ton on the field, the way they practice and lead is the reason behind the Blackshirt honor…


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We officially have no idea what Nebraska is good at defensively, if anything at all

-Indiana didn’t exactly ‘kill’ Nebraska on the ground, because they didn’t have to—they abused the Huskers through the air, helped by zero pass rush and coverage breakdowns. Defenses are attacking Nebraska’s linebackers, and it’s hard to blame them

-So Nebraska doesn’t stop the run very well, and doesn’t stop the pass, either. Where can we point to for possible fixes, if anything is possible at all?


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Nebraska’s rush defense has been stout the first two games…is that real or still yet to be determined?

-Colorado had zero yards in the first half against Nebraska, and their comeback was built mostly off the pass game, with some runs in the picture, but not the reason why they gashed the Huskers in the 4th quarter

-Nebraska is giving up 2.1 yards per carry so far through 2 games, which is tied for 12th in the nation (Michigan State is first at 0 yards per carry…whoa)

-Do you feel like this is a resolved issue or is wait and see until you see some bigger offensive lines?


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