DP & Stephens: Jay Foreman

Husker Hall of Famer Jay Foreman joins DP and Tom to talk about the NFL games from this past weekend.

NFL playoffs this weekend

Tomorrow (7)Colts @(2) Bills   (6) Rams @ (3)Seahawks  (5) Bucs@ (4)Washington

(5) Ravens @  (4) Titans  (7) Bears @ (2)Saints  (6)Browns @ (3)Steelers

BYES: Chiefs/Packers

2 minute Drill – What wouldn’t you trade for Deshawn Watson? Trevor Lawrenvce?

We have Tuesday Night Football tonight! Who says you can’t have NFL every night of the week??

-It’s going to be weird to not have the week wrapped up by Monday Night, and instead, have Bills/Titans tonight at 6pm because of COVID issues at facilities

-What kind of viewership can we expect? It’s two good teams on a slow sports night…