The Drive: February 20th, 5pm

  • Are the Big Ten West and East evening out?
  • MOOS TALK (Alcohol in Memorial Stadium)
  • Wrap things Up

The Drive: February 20th, 3pm

  • BEEEELLLLLL MOOOOOOOOOS has some things to say
  • Chris Heady (Omaha world Herald)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

Bill Moos told Sip he hopes Scott Frost sticks to a system and doesn’t try to change things by year…will that strategy work out?

-Frost was confident when he came to Nebraska, saying he hoped the Big Ten would have to adapt to Nebraska. Well, they have. Is there a level of innovation that Frost hasn’t gotten to yet with his offensive strategy or not?

-What do you wish to see as that blueprint? And what happens if they can’t attract big WRs, too?


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Cyza & Stephens: December 9th, 1pm

  • Bill Moos calls out Tommie Frazier for negative comments about NU football
  • Nebraska Recruiting and the Twitter-sphere
  • Finishing the day

Cyza & Stephens: December 5th, 1pm

  • The decade is almost over, and it’s startling how many ranked teams Nebraska has beat this decade
  • Robin Washut: HuskerOnline
  • Moos Talk

The Drive: November 13th, 5pm

  • There was a big ole story about how Nebraska sucks on
  • People are super triggered about Bill Moos saying “The walk-on program is only in it’s second year”
  • Wrap things up

Bill Moos reminds us why he said his goal for Nebraska this year was to win 6 games

-Moos spoke in a side session after his podium appearance to speak about Nebraska’s 2021 game in Ireland, and was asked about his statement in Chicago about Nebraska needing to simply make a bowl game this year, and he addressed that again on Tuesday…


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The Drive: October 15th, 5pm

  • 2021 College Gameday Locations for the Huskers
  • ’18 Nebraska vs ’19 Nebraska…who wins?
  • Bill Moos said win 6 games before the season started…that would be nice
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: October 4th, 2pm

  • Bill Moos provides some clarity on expectations
  • Mike Schaefer (247 Sports)
  • Snover/Under

Cyza & Stephens: October 4th, 12pm

  • How much will this game tell us about Nebraska?
  • Moos talks on paying players
  • Wing Man

The Drive: September 26th, 5pm

  • Bill Moos says the brand is #back
  • Nebraska Fantasy (Ameristar CB) / Nathan Baird (
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: September 26th, 4pm

  • Bill Moos says College Gameday being here proves that the brand is #back
  • Thirsty Thursday with Kevin Meier from Meier’s Cork and Bottle
  • Drunk Segment