The Drive: April 2nd, 5:25pm – Steven M Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Barber Shop vs Salon debate
  • If Bill Moos were to leave where does that leave Frost and Hoiberg?

The Drive: April 2nd, 4pm – Bill Moos doesn’t completely shut the door

  • If Big Ten teams were SEC teams, who would Nebraska be?
  • Rumors swirling about the current Nebraska AD being looked at as the potential new Commissioner of the PAC-12
  • He didn’t exactly shoot down the rumors

DP & Stephens: Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

Husker Online’s Sean Callahan joins the show to discuss the Huskers.

  • Husker Football received a new commitment yesterday!
  • In-Person visits…what happens when the NCAA gives the recruits a call?
  • Bill Moos as the new Pac-12 guy?

Bill Moos mentioned as a possible candidate for Pac-12 commissioner…would he fit the bill?

-The San Jose Mercury News reported that Moos is among a handful of potential candidates for the Pac-12 commissioner role, along with Oliver Luck and more

-Jake and Sip wonder if a commissioner is the best role for Moos or not, and also gauge the thoughts from listeners on his job at Nebraska so far

The Drive: March 24th; 5:25pm – Let’s Reflect on Husker History

  • People remember a lot when it comes to Husker History – (Chancellors, coaches, AD’s, etc.)
  • We need to revisit this topic of Husker coaches at least once a month.
  • When you look back, and notice new things, it kinda makes you stop and wonder about what if.

The Drive: March 22nd, 4:25pm – Alcohol in stadiums?

Thanks to a caller chiming in, we discuss the possibility of alcohol during sporting events.

Why are we making excuses when it could be a pretty seamless transition?

The Drive: March 18th, 3:25pm – Bill Moos speaks more about the schedule

  • Kicking the tires on scheduling a home game for week 1
  • Going to need an NCAA waiver for an extra game

DP & Stephens: Mitch Sherman (The Athletic)

Mitch Sherman of the Athletic joins DP and Tom to discuss the Huskers.

  • Husker are trying to add a game on September 4th.
  • Bill Moos talk
  • Where are the priorities at for the program?

DP & Stephens: Husker Athletics

We open up the show by discussing the Husker Volleyball team after their sweep up Iowa last night.

Husker Football wants to add a game?

Let’s call Bill Moos!

Husker baseball was back in action in the Twin Cities…did they keep their hot start going?

-Nebraska took 3 of 4 against Purdue last weekend…how did they fare against Iowa and Ohio State?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

The brackets are out for March Madness…but is COVID going to cause problems again?

-Several conference tournaments were affected by games being canceled because of COVID in the programs…and you have to wonder how that will affect the games this week

-Any bracket you’re interested in most? The rule is that you must have at least 5 players that are COVID free to be able to play. Could create a lot of upsets if higher seeds have issues…

Nebraska got a lot of egg on its face on Friday…how much does it damage the school’s reputation going forward?

-Stadium’s Brett McMurphy reported Friday morning that Nebraska was actively trying to get out of the Oklahoma game for this year, and replace it with a home game against a MAC team or Old Dominion

-The spin later in the day (after HOURS of nothing) was that Nebraska was trying to replace the game with a home game to try and make up revenue…but we all know what this was. And it was mocked nationally, as it absolutely should have been

-How will Scott Frost and Bill Moos recover from this? And how do you view this program’s leadership now going forward?