The Drive: May 18th, 5pm

  • The Last Dance – more thoughts
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  • Wrap things up

When Scott Frost was hired, many thought Year 3 was when Nebraska could get to the Big Ten Championship…what is that revised to now?

-Nobody knew just how big of a mess Nebraska was when Frost was hired—we knew it was bad, but not to the levels that Frost found out. Still, Nebraska fans have high expectations, and it didn’t seem that crazy to look at this upcoming year, Year 3, as a possible year of the breakout. We also didn’t look at the schedule that closely…

-So, if you were a Year 3 person (like Jake was), what is your revision now for when you expect Nebraska to make the leap to the top of the West? It could still be this year, possibly…

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Will Ohio State ever come back to the pack in the B1G or will the rest of the conference forever be chasing an uncatchable giant?

-It’s a pretty big question. Many B1G fans hoped that when Urban Meyer stepped down, that the next coach (who ended up being Ryan Day) would probably be good, but not great, and maybe Ohio State would drop off. If year 1 was any indicator of what’s to come, that’s not going to be the case

-Is this always going to be Ohio State as the best team and it takes an upset by a team to beat them, or can anyone get to their level…or will they actually drop off sometime in the next years under Day?

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Nebrasketball can’t complete the comeback and falls just short on the road against Northwestern

-All those 3s that Purdue and Iowa couldn’t make against Nebraska? Yeah, Northwestern made those 3s. A big halftime lead proved too much for the Huskers, despite getting it down to a 3-point deficit with 20 seconds left in the game when Dachon Burke was fouled shooting a 3 (no call, though), and Northwestern held on to win, 62-57. What were impressions from the game?


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It was an…interesting weekend for the Big Ten, and that’s not exactly a compliment

-The good: Ohio State rolled again, Nebraska rolled, and Iowa beat Iowa State


-The bad: Michigan State loses at home to Arizona State, Minnesota barely survives Georgia Southern, Purdue gets beat down by TCU, Illinois loses to Eastern Michigan, and Maryland loses to Temple. Oof.


-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

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Even Illinois has better facilities than Nebraska

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The Drive: July 15th, 4pm

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The Drive: July 3rd, 3pm

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Cyza & Stephens: June 28th, 11am

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Cyza and Stephens: June 26th, 11am

Just how crazy will the Big Ten West be this year?

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