If Nebrasketball lands 5-star Bryce McGowens…do you believe they could land more 5-stars in the future?

-Ahem….HUNTER SALLIS. He won’t come to Nebraska (likely), but it’d be one hell of a story for lowly Nebraska to land a 5-star player, thanks to relationships already built with players at the school

-Kansas State landed several big time players in the years of Bob Huggins and Frank Martin..why can’t Nebraska?

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Who should get the start for Nebraska at QB on Saturday?

-Is this a mad Penn State team Nebraska is facing, or a deflated and defeated squad?

-How did Luke Reimer become the best defensive player on the roster?

Where does the season go if Nebraska wins this weekend, and if they lose?

-If Nebraska wins, you get the monkey off your back, beat a good program that’s having a disappointing year, and feel good about your chances of going to 2-2 when you play Illinois next week

-If you lose…you still feel good about beating Illinois, but not THAT good. And also, you start wondering how many wins you’re going to get this year. 1? 2? How fun is that discussion? Not fun at all. But possibly very real.

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Who do you think will start at QB on Saturday, and who SHOULD start at QB?

-What is Nebraska’s problem in the red zone, and is it fixable? Been bad all of Scott Frost’s tenure…

-Do you think we’ll see a pissed off Penn State team or one that knows their goals for the season are over 3 games in?

Dedrick Mills was viewed by Sip and Jake as an extremely important player for Nebraska this year…so why hasn’t be been that involved through 2 games?

-Nebraska’s QBs are their RBs. That’s how it’s been the first 2 games. Mills does have 2 TDs, but not much going on the ground. Is it a problem with the offensive line not opening holes or something else?

-Can we blame Mills for this or not? Doesn’t really seem like it’s his fault, though we haven’t seen any explosion from RBs at all really, besides the QBs having big runs. Is that a sustainable offense? Doesn’t seem like it

-Also, Jake loves 11am games this year, and is curious why others don’t feel the same…

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  • We never really talked about the contract extension that Scott Frost got
  • NFL Reaction/Overreaction
  • Ohio State fans are boycotting College Gameday because ESPN has the SEC bias. so they are going to the Big Noon Kickoff one instead.