DP & Stephens: Scott Frost Sound Bites

Let’s sift through some audio from Scott Frost at BIG Media Days

DP & Stephens: Opening Segment

Welcome back, DP!

  • Let’s give away a Tommie Frazier jersey!
  • Recap of BIG Media Days

DP & Stephens: Matt Millen (Former NFL Linebacker & BTN Broadcaster)

DP & Stephens: Day 2 of BIG Media Days!

Scott Frost and Trev Alberts are on the same page — and that’s encouraging.

DP & Stephens: Former NFL Linebacker Matt Millen

Matt Millen joins DP from Indianapolis for BIG Media Days.

DP & Stephens: Coverage from Indy!

DP and Happer continue their coverage from Indianapolis and BIG Media Days.