The Drive: August 3rd, 3pm – If there’s one thing I can appreciate about UT and OU going to the SEC, it’s Texas getting roasted mecilessly

  • There was a meeting last night
  • A meeting to roast Texas
  • Omar Manning??? Side Eye Emoji

The Drive: July 28th, 5:45pm – Big 12 sends a cease and desist to ESPN

  • ESPN conspired with the AAC to take 3-5 Big 12 teams to the American Conference
  • WILD!!

The Drive: July 28th, 4:45pm – The Big 12 has written a cease and desist letter to ESPN

  • Stop talking to us!!
  • The Big 12 is pretty much accusing ESPN of nudging Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC

The Drive: July 27th, 5pm – So how much of the “Big 12” do Texas and Oklahoma really account for?

  • If anyone was wondering if it was about money…Texas and Oklahoma were getting ALOT from the Big 12

The Drive: July 26th, 5:45pm – Doug Gottlieb blames Nebraska for the Big 12 falling apart

  • Why do people keep blaming Nebraska?!?

The Drive: July 21th, 3pm – Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC?

  • The Big 12 rivals are looking to move conferences
  • What does that do to the Big 12?
  • What will the SEC divisions look like?

DP & Stephens: Should the Huskers Play?

Tom and DP discuss if the Huskers and other schools around the country should play football this fall.

The Big 12 continues to say they plan on playing a schedule this football season…is there any chance Nebraska could join in for one year?

-OK, it sounds a little crazy, but so is this football season in general. If one or two Power 5 conferences say they are playing ball but the other 3 say they aren’t, should schools that are open to playing be able to join a different conference for one season?

-Is there any way that some of the Power 5 plays and some don’t? If not, it’s only fair to the teams that want to play that they should be able to find a conference for one year that lets them do so…right?

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The Big Ten is getting way more players drafted than the Big 12 is over the past 7 years…did you envision the conference being that much tougher when Nebraska moved to it?

-Sip wrote about this over the weekend. When Nebraska left the Big 12, they left after 2 straight appearances in the Big 12 championship game—both losses. The Big 10 wasn’t exactly rolling at that point, and Husker fans had plenty of reason to believe they could compete right away

-But fast forward to 2020, when the Big Ten is averaging 38.3 draft picks per year, compared to 21.1 in the Big 12 (yes, there are 4 more teams in the B1G which does help their numbers)

-But this year, there were 48 B1G players drafted and only 21 Big 12 players. Is the gap getting even wider?

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The Drive: November 22nd, 2pm

  • Are we worried at all about weather tomorrow?
  • Some things to watch for Nebrasketball tonight
  • Emily Giambalvo (Washington Post)
  • Texas A&M is taking random shots at the Big 12