The Drive: April 9th, 5:25pm – Steven M. Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • NBA Talk with Sip

The Drive: April 9th, 5pm – NBA Corner

  • Transformational players in the NBA
  • Who are they?
  • Define transformational

The Drive: April 9th, 4:25pm – Chris Paul…good?

  • The current Phoenix Suns PG is underrated, we think
  • He has been really good but thought of as overrated because of his lack of success

DP & Stephens: Evric Gray (in studio)

Former UNLV Runnin’ Rebel Evric Gray is in studio!

  • Youth sports on the West Coast
  • Coaches like Evric would help high school athletes focus on school, not just athletics.
  • Why is Evric coaching?

Week in Review

-Rest of CBB dodges a bullet with UNC hiring of Hubert Davis…

-TopĀ  UNC’s hire of Williams was the Biggest power move hire since Ive been alive?Lack of Powers that be hurt CBB this year.

-Remember when conference perception cost Tim Miles his job at Nebraska?


The Drive: April 8th, 3:25pm – New Nebrasketball staff member

  • Nate Loenser joins the staff
  • The roster is still weird
  • What kind of players are they bringing in as opposed to what they need

DP & Stephens: Robin Washut (Husker Online)

Robin Washut of Husker Online joins the show to discuss the Huskers.

  • One practice – April 17th – will be open to the public.
  • Deontai Williams, and most of the defense, wanted to play in the bowl game.
  • Husker Basketball discussion

The Drive: April 7th, 3pm – Sean Miller is fired at Arizona

  • It wasn’t for the FBI thing, it was just because his team was bad
  • Ravi loves coaching searches?

The Drive: April 6th, 5:45pm – Closing things out

  • Little straggler topics

The Drive: April 6th, 5:25pm – Answering text line questions about Husker camp feelings

  • What is the feeling about this team right now?

The Drive: April 6th, 5pm – Are you buying what’s coming out of Husker camp right now

  • If you can – it’s a really big deal. Why? It’s an admission that things have not gone as planned
  • And it wasn’t going to be as easy as you thought
  • Now you are adjusting to the Big Ten
  • That’s the right move by the way

The Drive: April 6th, 4:45pm – Recapping the Bracket Challenge

  • Shoutout to Eric for winning
  • Rico did terrible
  • Sam Darnold traded, what do we think?