The Drive: January 19th, 4:25pm – Do you find yourself watching much B1G hoops when Nebrasketball is so bad?

  • Jake finds himself not watching much because it’s painful how far they are away from the other teams when he watches them
  • How do listeners feel about it? Watch less hoops when team is bad or watch the same amount?

The Drive: January 18th, 5:45pm – College Basketball polls have something right now that hasn’t happened in DECADES

  • No UNC or Duke in the AP Poll for the first time since 1982
  • No UNC, Duke, or Kentucky for the first time since 1961

The Drive: January 18th, 5:25pm – Nebrasketball has lost 22 straight conference games and now is without 4 games

  • COVID has struck Nebraska hard…are you bummed to see them not playing or kind of relieved that they aren’t so they can’t keep the losing streak going?

The Drive: January 18th, 3:25pm – Robin Washut (HuskerOnline)

  • Nebrasketball has already had its last 2 games postponed because of COVID, and now it’s next 2 as well….when will we see them play again? And will these games be made up or is that impossible?
  • When will the results start to kick in for Fred’s team? A 2-week absence won’t help them at all in getting cohesive as a unit surely…
  • Husker signee Bryce McGowens was on TV over the weekend…how did he look? How do you think he assesses all the losing by this team?

Jake has some thoughts about foreign traveling during the pandemic

-Jake was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for his delayed honeymoon last week and stayed at the Hard Rock beachside resort down there

-What was it like traveling abroad in the pandemic?

Sip wrote that Scott Frost and Fred Hoiberg need to make alterations to navigate through tough waters…what do he and Jake suggest? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-We talked a little about this in the opening segment but what exactly should Scott Frost do to get over the hump? And what can Fred Hoiberg do to start finding ways to win games in the B1G?

Being in a tropical location made Jake think more about how Nebraska should recruit compared to what they are doing

-Jake spent a full week in 75 degree weather in Mexico while Nebraska had some nice days (for Nebraska’s standards) and also a blizzard and high winds

-Jake had this same thought when he went to Florida last February, but it stood out again this past week; Nebraska shouldn’t be a ‘sea to sea’ recruiting program as Mike Riley once said. They truly should be ALL IN on the 500 mile radius. California has warranted some success for Nebraska, but also a lot of pain with recruits. Feels like mostly pain when it comes to Florida recruits. STICK TO THE MIDWEST AREA


The Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers stamped their tickets to the conference championship games..who else joined them?

-The Bills’ defense is alive and well, with a 17-3 win over the Ravens to reach the AFC Championship game, and the Packers took care of business over the Rams….do we have attractive matchups?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Nebrasketball continues to have COVID problems, and it appears Wednesday’s game may be postponed, too

-Nebraska is scheduled to play Minnesota in Lincoln on Wednesday, but the team remains in Tier 1 of COVID protocols

-They’ve already had games last week against Maryland and Illinois postponed because of COVID, after they hung tight with Indiana but ultimately lost again…a difficult year gets more difficult

Jake’s back from a week of vacation and he comes back to a Nebraska football team defined by defense more than it has in years

-Of course, the defense carried the offense last year, but it still wasn’t what we believed would define the, with Wan’Dale Robinson leaving for Kentucky and Dedrick Mills leaving for the draft, while the defense returns Deontai Williams, Ben Stille, Marquel Dismuke, Will Honas, and JoJo Domann, there’s no doubt they are the strength of the team

-The offense can’t just give up and sputter; now, in the last 3 years, they’ve lost their top WR each year, and only one of those was graduation (Stanley Morgan); Wan’Dale and JD Spielman left on their own terms….will Nebraska try to pound the rock more with their RBs and new transfer RB Markese Stepp?

High School Saturday: January 16th

  • Weather Cancellations
  • Biggest event in Nebraska High School sports
  • Ricos Roll Call
  • Nick recaps Pius X vs Lincoln high girls
  • Scoreboard update
  • Schedule

Cary Cochran (Former Nebraska Shooting Guard)

-After over 20 consecutive conference losses, is the addition of Derrick Walker enough to move the needle for a much maligned Husker Men’s basketball team.

-How much impact will the suspension of practice and games be for this Husker squad?