The Drive: May 21st, 4pm

  • OK, what is going to happen with this Michigan Basketball job?
  • On the other hand, The Athletic says Hoiberg was one of the top two hires of the off season
  • I’m calling it – it’s time to give up on Isaiah Roby coming back to Nebraska
  • But on the positive side, Robin Washut says they have enough talent to win a tournament game!
  • Scott Frost helped prevent a school shooting, is he God?

Could you ever imagine being wealthy enough to pay off all the student loans of a graduating college senior class?

  • Forgot to mention this yesterday—billionaire Robert F. Smith vowed to pay the student loans of the 400 graduating seniors at Morehouse College—around $40 million in total—as his gift to the class. That might be the best gift in the history of the world
  • Could you imagine being that wealthy?

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Which addition from last week (Kevin Cross, Samari Curtis, Derrick Walker) has the most upside?
  • How did Nebraska get Ohio’s Mr. Basketball to come to Lincoln?
  • Could Isaiah Roby be getting into the first round of the NBA Draft after his Combine performance?

Is the Colorado game the most desirable travel game for Husker fans in any recent year you can think of?

  • Every person you talk to keeps saying they plan to go to that game or at least travel out there…there’s always anticipation for good conference road games, but you get to go to those places more often than a non-conference opponent, obviously—especially one that’s a former Big 12 North rival
  • Does anything stick out in recent memory that’s as intriguing of a trip as Boulder this year? How much red will be in that stadium? Might be one of the tougher tickets to get in recent memory, anywhere

Sam McKewon thinks softball attendance could eventually surpass baseball attendance in college sports…is that really possible?

  • McKewon wrote yesterday about overall attendance in college sports in the Big 10, and that Nebraska crushed all other schools in baseball attendance, but noted that Michigan softball had more attendance than baseball this year, and he thinks in 10 years that could become more of a norm in the sport…

The Michigan coaching search apparently has 3 serious candidates now…are any of them anywhere near the level of Jon Beilein or….Fred Hoiberg?

  • Stadium’s Jeff Goodman reported that Providence’s Ed Cooley, former Wolverine star Juwan Howard, and Michigan assistant Luke Yaklich are the current leaders to land the job…do any of those names ‘pop’ or is Michigan just due to take a step back?
  • This is a little bit of a cautionary tale to Nebraska, too. Beilein made Michigan an elite program, and the intrigue for the job doesn’t seem that high—it’s not great timing, obviously. You have to wonder the interest level in the job if Beilein had left at a better time for hiring coaches…

Is Adrian Martinez a generational talent at Nebraska or will his type be the norm under Scott Frost?

  • Can you imagine having a Heisman-contending QB at Nebraska every year? Seems too good to be true. Yet, Scott Frost has coached Marcus Mariota, Vernon Adams (not a Heisman guy but very good), McKenzie Milton, and now Adrian Martinez. Martinez excelled from the get-go, which surprised some, considering he didn’t play his senior year of high school due to injury
  • Sip thinks Martinez might leave after his junior year, and that’s very possible, but no one knows for sure. Nebraska has Luke McCaffrey here already and Logan Smothers coming in…is there reason to believe there might not be a huge drop-off with those guys and that this is all because of Frost? Or is Martinez truly a generational talent/prospect?

The Drive: May 20th, 4pm

  • Nebraska Baseball takes their second consecutive series – how are you feeling about this team?
  • Do people not like Brooks Koepka?
  • Draymond Green admits that he’s a crybaby
  • What’s in the Box

Is Brooks Koepka’s recent dominance good for golf or bad for the sport?

Koepka has now won 4 of the last 8 majors; stunning dominance. Tiger Woods at one point won 4 straight majors, and he was a polarizing figure. Koepka has been dominant—but is he a good enough face for the sport?

Nebrasketball’s roster is pretty much set now for 2019-20…could this team contend? / Shut Up Sipple

Nebraska has their roster spots filled out, even with Isaiah Roby’s status in question still (well, not really—he’s pretty much gone to the NBA). Samari Curtis was added late in the week, as was Derrick Walker (Tennessee transfer) and Kevin Cross…some national pundits say Nebraska could be contenders this year…could they?

Early preseason magazines have Nebraska winning the Big Ten West in 2019…are the Huskers ready in Year 2 to live up to such expectations?

  • Athlon Sports and Street & Smith both picked Nebraska as the team to win the West, although they predict they’ll lose the championship game and end up in either the Holiday Bowl or Citrus Bowl
  • It’s going to be impossible for these expectations to slow down, so we might as well stop trying to fight them. We’ve also asked before so we’ll ask again: can a team that had 2 straight 4-8 seasons be in a mental position to be top dog so soon as people expect?

The ‘Early Break Golf Course Tour’ continues with….Jackrabbit Run!

  • Jackrabbit Run in Grand Island is this week’s stop on the Golf Tour…what were Jake’s impressions?