Week in Review

-Rest of CBB dodges a bullet with UNC hiring of Hubert Davis…

-Top  UNC’s hire of Williams was the Biggest power move hire since Ive been alive?Lack of Powers that be hurt CBB this year.

-Remember when conference perception cost Tim Miles his job at Nebraska?


The Drive: March 29th, 4:25pm – Barry Alvarez is reportedly retiring

  • What does this mean for the Big Ten?
  • What does this mean for Wisconsin?

Barry Alvarez says spring athletes at Wisconsin won’t be back next year, despite an NCAA waiver…bad look by him or the right move?

-A statement on Thursday by Wisconsin said that, “student-athletes in their fourth year of eligibility have concluded their careers with us,” indicating that even with a waiver allowed by the NCAA, those athletes won’t be allowed to play at Wisconsin. Cutthroat Barry! Is he wrong of are you OK with it?

-We’ve already discussed how it is going to be strange next year with potentially very large rosters of incoming freshman, plus 2 years of senior classes, too. It’s going to be tough to maneuver. Is it better to just let them all go like Wisconsin is doing or try to make it work?

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