Defensive players and coaches spoke yesterday after practice…what did we learn with 2.5 weeks to go until game 1?

-Tony Tuioti, Barrett Ruud, Collin Miller, Ben Stille, and Damion Daniels spoke to media yesterday via Zoom to give updates on practice and how things are going

-What stood out to Sip and Jake, if anything? Barrett Ruud asked for consistency with his LBs, which would definitely be a welcome sight. What else was said that was worth discussing?

-Also, the basketball tournament in Lincoln is confirmed with teams like LSU, Nevada, and more coming to town!

The Drive: October 6th, 5pm – How do we feel about Nebraska’s front 7 at this moment?

  • Wizard talk
  • Barrett Ruud and Tony Tuioti talked today. I think there was some good stuff from both
  • I know people are worried about the defensive line, and I get that. But Tuioti seems excited.
  • Linebackers – Henrich and Reimer

The Drive: August 19th, 4pm

  • Barrett Ruud calms peoples nerves on LB position
  • FRITZ!
  • Transfer QBs taking over the Top 10 teams
  • The West gets better when teams actually resemble Power 5 teams
  • What’s in the Box

Cyza & Stephens: August 13th, 1pm

  • Audio: Barrett Ruud
  • Brian Christopherson: Huskers247
  • What part of the “hype” needs to be true?

April 6th: What’s the scoop at the linebackers spot and with depth? / Shut Up Sipple

7:25 –

-Good audio from Barrett Ruud and Jovan Dewitt on linebackers yesterday…what are we looking at with the spot in the fall?

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 5th, 3pm

  • The amount of time spent talking about tackling is crazy
  • Ruud mentions the physicality of practices
  • Sean Callahan: Husker Online
  • What’s Poppin

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: February 9th, 3pm

  • Barrett Ruud said he’s not watching film from last year
  • Steve Sipple: Lincoln Journal Star, co-host “Early Break”
  • What’s Poppin’