The Drive: April 28th, 4pm – Dogs vs Humans

  • Guess we’re gonna talk about this again…
  • NSAA announces its plans for next season Boys and Girls State Basketball tournaments with Nebraska hosting the Big Ten Wrestling championships
  • Lots of injuries for Nebraska Football

The Drive: February 9th, 3pm – Opening Drive

  • Cats vs Dogs
  • Not a dog person?
  • Baby person?

The Drive: November 11th, 4:45pm – Babies playing golf

  • KENO issues for Happer
  • Happer saw a baby swing a golf club and got triggered
  • Babies need to grow up faster?

The Drive: July 21st, 5pm – The sports communities graphics are out of control

  • JD Spielman odds on winning the Heisman?
  • Emoji use is getting rediculous
  • Baby Pantsuits?