Is Bo Pelini going to survive the season at LSU?

-The LSU offense is a mess, but Bo’s defense is worse, giving up 48 points in a 48-11 lost to Auburn. We all know there were a lot of new pieces on the defense coming into this year, but it seems to be getting worse

When will Wisconsin play their next game? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-As of Saturday morning, the number of COVID cases at Wisconsin was at 23, very much so putting their game this weekend against Purdue in question. The Badgers already couldn’t come back to practice until this Wednesday, and they’ll announce tomorrow the status of the game this weekend

Why shouldn’t Nebraska at this point feel like they can honestly win the Big Ten West?

-The answer: they SHOULD feel like they can win. Scary games against Penn State and Iowa look far less daunting with their 0-2 starts, but Nebraska still must take care of business and win those games now

-Nebraska SURELY can’t afford to lose to Northwestern this Saturday; and Peyton Ramsey has already had success against this defense last year when he was at Indiana. If Nebraska loses, they go to 0-2 in the league and Northwestern goes to 3-0, with no assurance that there aren’t more games canceled the rest of the season

Jake’s Week 8 NFL Winners and Losers

-Did Tua perform well for the Dolphins? Who was a letdown and a surprise on Sunday? Jake tells you…

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Fresh off an unscheduled bye, Nebraska now heads to B1G West division leader Northwestern…will the idiotic national hypocrisy stop?

-Nebraska spent a good portion of the end of the week getting slammed for some reason by talking heads all across the sports landscape, and also by writers, for trying to find ways to play a football game. Everyone has gone a little bit crazy in 2020. This might be at the top of the crazy mountain, though

-Nebraska’s reward for not getting to play a scheduled game is a road game against a rejuvenated Northwestern team who came back from a 17-0 deficit to beat Iowa, 21-20, and move to 2-0. Peyton Ramsey isn’t incredible, but he’s at least a reliable QB, unlike what Northwestern had last year. What are Nebraska fans thinking about the Huskers chances this weekend?

Week 2 assessment of the Big Ten Conference shows that the West is up for grabs, and Indiana might be the second best team in the East

-Wait…WHAT?! Indiana the second best team in the East? What the hell is going on out there? Michigan suffers an ungodly bad loss to Michigan State, and Penn State gets humbled by Ohio State to fall to 0-2

-Meanwhile, in the West…Wisconsin might never play a game again, Northwestern and Purdue are both 2-0, Minnesota somehow lost to Maryland and is now 0-2, and so is Iowa…Nebraska has a chance if they keep their heads straight

Will the Big Ten West ever really make up ground on the Big Ten East when it matters?

-Everyone agrees that the West is getting deeper with teams at the bottom like Illinois, Purdue and Minnesota showing life the past few years, but we’re talking about the top here

-Wisconsin has won 3 of the last 4 Big Ten West titles, and has won 42 games the past 4 years, but the Big Ten West has lost the last 6 conference title games by an average of 18.6 ppg…not exactly indicative that they are pushing the East

-Is Wisconsin at their ceiling, and are they catchable…and surpassable? Who all can pass them in the West?

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