The Recruiting Hour: June 17th – Allan Bell (

  • Making the trip to Omaha with the Volunteers?
  • The CWS field is kind of bland, who is the popular team?
  • Finding value with CWS teams before the tournament or during?

The Recruiting Hour: April 28th – Allan Bell (

  • Dice??
  • Gambling advice
  • Kentucky Derby and NFL Draft

The Recruiting Hour: February 17th – Allan Bell (

  • Chicken Sandwich wars!
  • Nebraska Basketball vs Maryland last night/tonight
  • Baseball schedule!!

The Recruiting Hour: February 5th – Allan Bell (247Sports)

  • Thoughts on the Tennessee situation
  • Super Bowl Bets

The Recruiting Hour: January 15th – Allan Bell (Sportsline)

  • Most exciting match up in the NFL Playoffs this weekend
  • Favorite DFS QB for this weekend
  • Money to be made in sports that you don’t know or follow very well?
  • NHL Gambling

The Recruiting Hour: November 11th – Allan Bell (Sportsline)

  • Masters
  • College Football
  • NFL
  • He knows everything

The Recruiting Hour: September 22nd – Allan Bell (CBS Sportsline)

  • Allan lets us know what we can do to possibly win some money

The Recruiting Hour: January 10th

  • Under Inspection
  • Allan Bell – 247 Sports CBS SportsLine (21:10)
  • Who will be the next outside linebackers coach for Nebraska?