Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Are you expecting any surprise starters when Nebraska plays on October 24?

-Sean posted an update on Monday about the status of the Ireland game for Nebraska…what’s the latest?

-Thoughts on the career for Alex Gordon, who retired from MLB on Sunday…

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The Drive: September 25th, 4:25pm – Rex Hudler replay

  • Hudler was on with us yesterday, it was great to talk about Alex Gordon

The Drive: September 24th, 3:25pm – Rex Hudler (FSKC)

  • Alex Gordon announced he is retiring at seasons end
  • What did Alex mean to this franchise
  • Favorite Gordo story?

The Recruiting Hour: September 24th – Alex Gordon retiring

  • Memories
  • Remembering how great he actually was

The Drive: June 13th, 4pm

  • LIVE from Omaha for Tigers vs Royals (MLB)
  • Alex Gordon isn’t playing?!?
  • Nebrasketball non-con schedule
  • Happer comes back!
  • Audio from Danny Duffy and Terrance Gore

The Drive: May 17th, 4pm

  • Is Mike J. Schaefer still a wet blanket about Nebraska Basketball?
  • Alex Gordon wants to finish his career as a Royal and I have mixed feelings
  • What’s in the Box

The Drive: April 23rd, 3pm

  • Let’s have a real conversation about Alex Gordon
  • Gordon is not a HoFer but he will have his number retired for the KC Royals
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: March 22nd, 3pm

  • Sean Callahan: Husker Online
  • Alex Gordon could start the season in the minors, what will his legacy be?
  • What’s Poppin?

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: March 21st, 2pm

  • If you think Frost is gonna do the UCF thing to Nebraska, you’re mistaken
  • The long term goal should be to dominate the West (A.K.A be Wisconsin)
  • Alex Gordon could start in the minors, what will his legacy be?
  • Ultimate basketball showdown of people you’ve forgotten about: Pick a side

Happer & Stephens: March 21st, 12pm

  • Sam McKewon (Omaha World Herald)
  • Oh God, is Alex Gordon really that bad?
  • Bull or No Bull