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Jake & Big Sky wrap up the show

-Kansas suffered its third biggest loss in school history to USC on Monday. Nebraska handed the Jayhawks their biggest loss ever in 1900. How does Nebraska stack up.

-Creighton finally advanced to the Sweet Sixteen, but face off against top seed Gonzaga…Do the Blue Jays have any shot at keeping it close?


Purdue says they’ll have 50% capacity at home baseball games….will Nebraska soon follow? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-It was thought to be up to the B1G to decide, but Purdue announced their plans for attendance on Monday…you have to think Nebraska soon will join, right?

-Big Sky gets smoked in place of Sip in Shut Up Sipple

The B1G is having a bad NCAA Tournament…does that make you change your mind on Fred Hoiberg’s season with Nebrasketball?

-Iowa got embarrassed by Oregon, another high seed, early loss for the conference. Jake was ecstatic, but was it good for the conference?

-How much does Hoiberg’s bad season change in your mind when seeing how bad the conference has done in the Big Dance?

Song of the Day

SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-Spring football gets going in just over a week at Nebraska…how much is truly gained in the spring session?

-Should anyone feel like they have their starting job secured on a team that hasn’t made a bowl game in 5 years?

-As a Notre Dame alum, does Kaz have a list of teams he hates the most in college football?

The final day of the Round of 32 was yesterday…are Sip and Jake celebrating the demise of Iowa and Creighton, or lamenting their successes?

-Monday was all about Creighton/Ohio and Iowa/Oregon for Sip and Jake…are the Jays and Hawkeyes moving on or not?

-Also, they made a bet about Alabama/Maryland being a 10-point game or more for Sip to win the bet, and a 10 point game or less for Jake to win the bet…how did that end up?

-A preview of the Sweet 16 for later this week..

DP & Stephens: Blog Jog

Mark is in studio for the Blog Jog — we stretched, we promise.

People are buying billboards in Alabama!

The Drive: February 1st, 4pm – Nick Saban recruiting pitch caught on camera

  • Man, this guy is really good
  • Does he really HAVE to sell Alabama Football though?
  • Angry Fran McCaffrey is fun

Can anyone catch up to the 5 or 6 teams in college football?

-Watching the championship game reminds you of how far Nebraska is away, but they are not alone.

-How much, if any would expanding the playoffs help? What is more important to you, an entertaining product or crowning the best team throughout the season?

-Can you ever consider a one loss team the greatest of all-time?

-Are you less interested in the national scene when Nebraska isn’t competitive?

The Drive: January 12th, 4pm – Alabama is ridiculous and unfair

  • Every single part of it. The players, the scheme, the coaching, the program.
  • Best at everything
  • Ohio State needed probably a little bit more from Justin Fields. He was ok

The Recruiting Hour: January 12th – Wrap things up

  • Channing Tatum is a good actor?
  • The National Championship just showed how great Alabama is