Early Break: What matters more, the academics or being able a successful football program

  • Jake and Sip continue to talk about whether it’d be OK or not for Nebraska to sacrifice their grades in order to have a good football team
    • What do the texters and callers think?
  • How far would you go to win a championship?

Early Break: Would you be OK with Nebraska having bad academics if it resulted in winning consistently?

  • The answer seems like an obvious ‘yes,’ but there are those out there who will (rightfully) point out that college is for helping the majority of these players to get degrees without a future in professional football
  • Michigan State was last in the conference in APR this past year at 948. Let’s say Nebraska was last place, and right around the 930 minimum that’s acceptable to get into the postseason, and obviously toward the bottom of college football…would you care as long as they’re winning?