Observe and report—eyes were on practice again on Wednesday, what did we learn?

-Jahkeem Green was spotted and practicing, donning the #4 jersey, and looking like a DUDE among the d-linemen

-No Wan’Dale, Kanawai Noa, or Alex Davis at practice…any concerns there or just precautions?

-How about some physicality in the Nebraska Drill, and also the elusiveness of Mo Washington in that drill….wow….what else stood out to Sip from his time there?


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A San Diego Padres broadcaster ate a 29-year-old piece of gum on Sunday on the TV broadcast

-Mark Grant opened up a 29-year-old pack of baseball cards on the broadcast and ate the piece of gum inside, and said it pretty much disintegrated into powder right away and tasted terrible….would you ever try something like that? What’s the worst thing you’ve done for food in terms of how questionable it was to eat it?


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Do you think that Adrian Martinez could actually be in the Heisman conversation this season?

-Early odds had Martinez as one of the top candidates this season, behind the likes of Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa, Jonathan Taylor, and others

-Sip points out in his projection for the season that he could see a Nebraska 5-0 start, and that certainly would have people talking about Martinez, but a midseason struggle with Purdue, Minnesota and Northwestern, as well as a late loss to Maryland might hurt his chances…what’s the worst record Nebraska could have for him to actually be in the conversation this year?


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Nebrasketball can’t be contained! A 4-0 trip to Italy provides plenty of optimism for what’s to come

-Nebraska finished off a 4-game trip with an 84-62 win over Italian Select…Thor Thorbjarnarson and Charlie Easley had strong starts for Nebraska, and the rest of the team helped contribute in the 2nd half for the win

-Remember Stella Azzura, the first team Nebraska played and beat by 31 points? Well they only lost to Minnesota by 5 points (which we already knew), but they only lost to Miami (FL) by 4 points yesterday…


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Troy Walters and Erik Chinander both show up in Bruce Feldman’s Top 40 assistant coaches to watch in 2019…how long can Frost keep this all together?

-Feldman had Walters and Chinander among his Top 40 in an article on The Athletic, and the more Nebraska gets talked about and the more they back it up, their staff is going to become hot names in conversations for other big jobs elsewhere

-Frost lost the first member of his staff that he brought over from UCF in the offseason with Mike Dawson leaving for the NFL, and he was replaced by Tony Tuioti from Cal, who seems like a pretty good fit so far. How long will the rest of it all stay together, though?

-Also, Jahkeem Green officially clears paperwork to come to Nebraska, we’ll see him midweek


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7:25 – Do you view DiCaprio Bootle and Lamar Jackson as a lockdown tandem or is there still lots to prove? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Lamar Jackson addressed this on Thursday, and mentioned the metrics (by Pro Football Focus) that had Jackson and Bootle as two of the most effective DBs in college football from last year….how confident are you in that duo to ‘break out’ even more this year?

-Where does Cam Taylor come into the mix? Anybody else you feel really good about back there?

-Shut Up Sipple: FILM FRIDAY! (Presidential actors)  – sponsored by Bagels & Joe


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7:00 – The Coaches Poll puts Nebraska a little bit back in their place; projected 4th in the Big Ten West behind Wisconsin, Iowa, and Northwestern

-The good news of that is that Nebraska is seen as the 26th ranked team in the country (first receiving votes outside the Top 25), so even though they aren’t seen as favorites to win the division by the coaches poll, they still are respected in the preseason

-Frost didn’t vote Nebraska in the poll, and the players all mentioned there have been gains and progress but there’s still more to go. Isn’t this more of where you think Nebraska should be projected?


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6:45 – Patrick Mahomes gets his own cereal; “Mahomes Magic Crunch,” available at Hy-Vee…what would you want your own cereal to be like?

-Mahomes’ cereal is part of a promotion at Hy-Vee, and is only temporary until they are all out. They’ll no doubt sell well because of his popularity….if Sip and Jake both had a cereal that was made in their likeness or taste-preference, what would it be?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY: (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)


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6:25 – Brenden Jaimes doesn’t understand where the hype for this year’s team is coming from….do his teammates agree?

-Jaimes met with some reporters in the hallway and said that he said that he’s not sure why Nebraska is seen as the favorite in the West after two straight 4-8 seasons, and also with him never even seeing a bowl game before. He also made an interesting comment about what other players on the team are saying about the hype…

-Jack Stoll mentioned that he wants to win a Big Ten title ring, which is great, but we’ve discussed this a lot in the offseason; how does the team make sure they stay focused and don’t buy into the hype?


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6:00 – Jahkeem Green re-commits to Nebraska….will he actually show up, though? / What unit has most to prove this year?

-What a good start to August, if Jahkeem Green actually follows through on his verbal re-commitment yesterday to come to Nebraska….what does he bring to the d-line?

-Sip and Jake also hit on what units need to improve the most, and Sip still views the D-line as that unit, followed by LBs and WRs. What does Jake think? And listeners?


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7:45 – Breaking news in the NFL regarding a highly-paid WR….who are the top QB/WR tandems in the NFL?

-Jake breaks the news from Twitter that the Saints’ Michael Thomas becomes the highest-paid WR in the league, on a 5-year extension worth $100million, with $61 million guaranteed

-This makes Jake and Sip question who are the best WR/QB tandems currently in the league

-Also, do people eat anything besides breakfast food at Village Inn?


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7:25 – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-What should Nebraska do with Maurice Washington for the first game of the season, and practice leading up to it?

-The Journal Star lists Adrian Martinez as the third-most intriguing player of the upcoming season…shouldn’t he be in his own class? How is he not first on the team with Heisman hype?

-Wisconsin schedules series with Alabama for 2024-25…should Nebraska fans be envious or happy?


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