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A one-hour conversation driven show, focusing on current, past, and future student athletes and coaches at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. An in depth look at where they come from, why they chose Nebraska, and their mission going forward. We talk about their families, mentors, and leaders, plus we talk about their day to day lives, conflicts, and victories. Each conversation is a comfortable meeting place to discuss the lives, plays, and memories of these Huskers, providing an open window to who they are away from the field as well as on the field, court, or diamond.

Derrick Pearson uses his 30 plus years of experiences as an athlete, coach, and executive to provide insight on whatever level the listener needs, breaking down the day’s news and stories from an insider’s perspective. “DP” was a three-sport athlete in high school, played baseball in college, and has coached football, baseball, and basketball at the high school level in Virginia, Texas, and Utah, as well as Team USA Football. Pearson is a two-time TEDx speaker (TEDxLander2019 and TEDxDeerPark2020), and a best-selling author of The Impact of Influence Volumes 1 & 2 with Chip Baker. Pearson is also the owner of LovePrints, a website focused on Loving and Learning through sports, utilizing study programs to help student-athletes become more successful in the classroom and out. LovePrints provides keys to proper studying, clues to better note taking, and the value of communicating with teachers and educators throughout the process.