You want to know what to watch for over the final 3 games on offense? How about the development of a 3rd WR

-Think about this for a second—Nebraska’s offense has been putting up massive yardage for the majority of the year, and the defense pretty much knew which players would be getting the ball (Martinez, Ozigbo, Spielman, and Morgan). They have been that tough to stop with the defense knowing pretty much where they want to go

-If the final 3 games of the season provide a 3rd WR who is reliable and gets several catches, think about how much scarier Nebraska’s offense gets going into the 2019 season. It already is going to be scary, but that ups the ante. Add that up with tight ends getting more catches lately and get them the ball more over the final 3 games, and you’ll have an offense that Nebraska fans won’t be able to stop salivating about

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