Would Husker fans be OK with the timeline of success that Michigan is having…waiting until Year 4 for the big breakout?

-Harbaugh had fans believing in his first year when they won 10 games that the Wolverines would be contending for the B1G title as soon as year 2….and that didn’t happen then, and especially in year 3 when they dropped to 8 wins. Some doubt creeped in…and then they had the year that they’re having currently, despite losing the first game to Notre Dame

-Could Husker fans wait for 4 years to get to a level of national prominence? It’s easy to say ‘yes’ now to that scenario, but that would mean it’s not until Adrian Martinez’s senior season that things starting clicking. That seems like a long time for a guy that is good as him. So what’s the timeline we’re looking at?