What If Wednesday: What if Nebrasketball didn’t lose as a 3-seed in the NCAA Tournament in 1991?

-This has a variety of “what ifs” behind it: it was Nebraska’s 2nd ever appearance in the NCAA, and resulted in an 89-84 loss to Xavier. What followed was 3 straight years of NCAA Tournament appearances, but no wins. Then an appearance in 1998 which was a loss, and of course in 2014

-If they had simply just won the first game as a 3-seed, they don’t have the embarrassment of being the only Power 5 team without a tourney win. Does that change anything at all for the way the program would have been viewed to recruits? It’s such an embarrassing stat now, but could have been avoided back then in 1991, or one of the 3 years to follow. What could have been?

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