We are through 7 games of the Scott Frost era…are you starting to think he is right when he initially said that B1G defenses will have to adjust to Nebraska’s offense instead of vice versa?

-Yes, Nebraska is only 1-6 on the season, but they’ve put up big yardage in every game except for Troy and Michigan. Some of those yards came in garbage time, but hey, it’s a process here. And now, they seem to be gelling. If they played a team like Michigan again with a great defense, would they able to move the ball better and have time to throw? Maybe not yet. But eventually?

-It was a big statement by Frost then, and we doubt he regrets it. He meant it. And with 659 yards against Minnesota being just the latest 500+ yards of offense game, is Frost on to something here? And how many other offenses in the B1G, if any, can say that defenses have to adjust to them?