Tristan Gebbia loses QB1 job and 24 hours later, chooses to transfer; did Scott Frost string him along the whole time?

-We heard from Frost, Walters and Verduzco all Fall long that the competition was close, and that it would be down to the wire. But were they telling the truth entirely? Not here to question their integrity at all, because this could have been pure gamesmanship the whole time. Sorensen is skeptical, Sip is not.

-They had to know that if the job was announced too early in camp, the loser of the job (mostly Gebbia with already having a redshirt year gone), would likely leave to go elsewhere…did they screw him over in the process? Many are mad at him for leaving after losing the job so quickly, but isn’t he being smart for himself? Would he ever really have a chance here again unless Martinez got injured