This year’s senior class will go down as one of the statistically least-accomplished ever for their 4 years…can they be remembered as being a foundation for future success, though?

-No one comes to Nebraska expecting to have losing records in 3 of their 4 years at school, but that’s what the case is for this year’s senior class: 6-7, 9-4, 4-8, and whatever this year ends up at (under .500). It will be a class that we try to forget in terms of the lack of success for the seasons they were here, but there is much more to the story than that

-How much can guys like Stanley Morgan, Devine Ozigbo, Luke Gifford, Aaron Williams, Mick Stoltenberg, Tanner Farmer, Jerald Foster and others leave to build off of? How will you positively remember them? Because there have been some unfortunate times, but if they keep finishing strong, that’s the most honorable finish to a tough year that you’ll ever find