The Big Ten is getting way more players drafted than the Big 12 is over the past 7 years…did you envision the conference being that much tougher when Nebraska moved to it?

-Sip wrote about this over the weekend. When Nebraska left the Big 12, they left after 2 straight appearances in the Big 12 championship game—both losses. The Big 10 wasn’t exactly rolling at that point, and Husker fans had plenty of reason to believe they could compete right away

-But fast forward to 2020, when the Big Ten is averaging 38.3 draft picks per year, compared to 21.1 in the Big 12 (yes, there are 4 more teams in the B1G which does help their numbers)

-But this year, there were 48 B1G players drafted and only 21 Big 12 players. Is the gap getting even wider?

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