Sunday is National Nebraska Day, and ESPNU is airing 10 straight hours of great sports moments from the state to celebrate….what games would make your list?

-They are sharing the love between Nebraska, Creighton, and UNO—for example, UNO’s win to get to the Frozen Four in hockey; Nebraska volleyball’s national title win over Texas in 2015; a Creighton basketball game with a buzzer-beater; the flea-kicker in 1997 for Husker football; and a CWS game

-If you had to choose 8 events across all of Husker sports to air on an all-day ‘best of’ network series, what would you choose? And you CAN’T use all football games for this scenario

-For Nebrasketball….No Sit Sunday, the Big 8 championship in 1994, or the NIT championship..or another game? Football has many choices, as does Husker volleyball….

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