Some way, somehow, Northwestern is your 2018 B1G West Champion…how did we let this happen?

-The Wildcats, combined with their 14-10 win over Iowa; Wisconsin’s 22-10 loss to Penn State; and Purdue’s baffling 41-10 loss to Minnesota, are the B1G West champions, with still 2 games to go in league play. Simply stunning. 0-3 in non-conference games (Notre Dame, Duke, Akron), and 6-1 in league play—and their one loss should have been a win! (Led Michigan 17-0 before losing 20-17). Crap on Northwestern all you want, but they somehow get the job done

-Doesn’t their win of the division title make you feel like Nebraska should win the damn thing next year? Or is that too boastful for a team that’s currently 3-7? One thing is for sure—Nebraska is kicking themselves for poor early season play for what truly was a division for the taking