Sip unveils another story from his past of covering Husker football….with Frank Solich and LeKevin Smith

-Story time with Sip continues…what was the incident he had with Frank Solich about the recruitment of LeKevin Smith in 2000-01? He unveils the scene…

-Also, yesterday was supposed to be MLB Opening Day and also the first day of the Sweet 16 for college hoops…if you could bring one of them back, what would you choose?

-MLB Opening Day always feels like the official start of Spring for those who don’t believe that early March is that, and yesterday, that was taken away from us, and might do so until June or later

-The Sweet 16 is great but also doesn’t have the same magic with all the madness that happens from the first 4 days of the tournament…which are you missing more today and yesterday?

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