Scott Frost says the culture of the team has changed, and it started after Purdue….what will that look like on the field for the rest of the season?

-You saw a resounding win against Minnesota, which was great. But we’ve been hammering culture here for a long time. How do you visibly see a change in culture? Is it less penalties going forward? They only had 6 against Minnesota, which is a welcome change. They also played a complete game for the first time all year

-Won’t we really be able to see how the culture has changed when they play Ohio State/Michigan State/Iowa? Frost says the culture was good for Wisconsin, but Nebraska still got beat badly, but did put up good offense. Now that there’s a win under the belt, the key is to not get embarrassed against the big-brand teams and compete for a full 60 minutes. THAT’S a big culture change that can provide hope for the future