Scott Frost has something already that Mike Riley never had at Nebraska…and its importance cannot be overstated

-We’ve all raved about Adrian Martinez’s skills so far, and for good reason. But the recruiting pitch to him is so much easier than it was during the entire 3-year stretch of Riley. Why? Riley got young QBs here (Patrick O’Brien, Tristan Gebbia); but the 3 years Riley was here, he played Tommy Armstrong (the correct choice) for his junior and senior years, and then brought in a junior transfer. Can’t sell long-term QB success with 1-2 year guys

-The effect Martinez could have on recruiting is unreal. Because he is REAL, ACTUAL HOPE. Not “he might be good once he gets the chance to play.” It’s NOW. Recruits are seeing it and they see the potential of him, and that can’t be unstated