-Yep, that happened. It wasn’t a dream. Nebraska lost to Troy, 24-19, on Saturday to fall to 0-2 for the first time since 1957. Will hope remain eternal for Husker fans or are the majority understanding that this is all temporary and things will get better? Frost did say in postgame that it’s always darkest before the dawn

-Andrew Bunch wasn’t necessarily the problem, but he did have 2 INTs and didn’t make a ton of big plays, as Frost said they wanted to ‘ugly it up’ but Troy was too well-prepared

-Also, Carlos Davis said postgame that Frost apologized to the team for not having them prepared enough. Sorensen wonders how in the hell a team that has lost 5 straight games could apparently overlook a team like Troy (yes, a Sun Belt team), but a team that has proven it can beat FBS teams