November 13th: Another game, another ‘rock bottom’ for Nebraska football—Huskers lose 54-21 at Minnesota

Minnesota, who had scored 20 points TOTAL in their previous 2 games…who was 1-5 in the league…and was ranked 119th in the nation in offense…scores 30 points in the first half and a season-high 54 in an absolute thrashing of a lost and hopeless Husker squad

-Is this season officially worse than 2007? A lot of similarities, and it appears they have now officially given up. They fought last week in an OT loss to Northwestern, give them that. But this game was over from the get-go against a team that had been terrible most of the season, and had no offense for the whole season. Just a sad, sad story it’s become this year for Husker football. Mike Riley now 19-17 through 36 games