Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter): Full Hour

Segment 1-

-We’re supposed to be gearing up for Fall camp right now…are you anywhere near prepared for that? We don’t know what to expect so it seems very hard to be prepared for anything

-Do you think media availability (pending a season being played) will look anything like before? Are the days of hallway interviews after practices and after games over? How does that affect 10/11 News?

-NSAA announced last week they will go forward with their Fall sports season as scheduled…do you think you’ll be covering games like normal? Will that be a sense of normalcy?

Segment 2-

-The NFL announces the players association and owners have agreed on terms to make the season this good news for college football or is there no connection for their decisions?

-MLB has returned, and the NBA restarts its regular season this week…what are your initial impressions so far and excitement level?

Segment 3-

-Regis Philbin passed away at age 88 over the weekend…did Nicole, Sip or Jake watch him on Who Wants to be a Millionaire or any of his other ventures?

-Nicole got golf clubs from our friends at Jim Ager!! How was her experience at their net driving area?

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