Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter) FULL HOUR

Segment 1-00:00

-How was working the 4th of July weekend? Bummed to not have any big fireworks displays in Lincoln (Uncle Sam Jam) like usual or not a huge fan of fireworks? Where does the 4th rank for her in holidays?

-Nicole’s homeland was the center of attention on the 3rd of July with President Trump visiting Mount Rushmore…what was the reaction up there from those that she is close with?

-Usually the calendar flies after the 4th of July in anticipation for football season…will it be the same this year or filled with more concern?

Segment 2-23:00

-The Redskins are looking to possibly change their team name…are we going to see this more in sports now? What about the KC Chiefs? The Cleveland Indians are apparently looking at options, too…

-Nicole went to USD and has seen South Dakota State be a solid team for a long time…the Jackrabbits were listed by one writer as the ‘most dangerous’ game for Nebraska this year…why is SDSU so tough to beat?

Segment 3-43:14

-Nicole was watching ‘Hamilton’ this past weekend….is it something that Sip and Jake and listeners would enjoy?

-Final thoughts/what did we miss?