Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter) – Full Hour

-Since we last talked with Nicole, Nebraska football went 3-5 and Nebrasketball is still on a long conference losing streak. How’s it feel to continue to cover lot of losses?

-What is the morale at 10/11 in the sports department about everything? And do you take a lot of angry calls at the station about Frost and his record?

-How is covering the high school sports season with limited fans in the stands, or is it somewhat normal?

-Nebrasketball won’t have played for almost a month the next time we see them…do you remember what they looked like?

-Does any part of you wonder about if Nebraska volleyball will have the same ‘edge’ at home without fans?

-Chiefs/Bucs in the Super Bowl on Sunday…why is Nicole rooting for the Bucs so much?

-Are you happy to see Matthew Stafford out of the NFC North as a (kind of) Bears fan?