Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter): FULL HOUR

Segment 1

-There will be no Nebraska football this Fall in the B1G…has reality set in for you yet?

-High school football is going to be huge this year in the state with no college football…do you think it can hold people over at all who will miss Nebraska football?

-Should Memorial Stadium have the opportunity to host high school games on Saturdays in the Fall?

Segment 2

-B1G parents sent lots of letters to the commissioner over the weekend, and Justin Fields started a petition to play…why did they not do this in July to set the tone for the season and decision?

-What should Sip write about this Fall without Husker football? Let’s brainstorm for him

Segment 3

-NBA Playoffs are starting up…have you watched the re-start of the season at all?

-What will Nicole do on Saturdays this Fall?