Nebrasketball surrenders 107 points in the season finale to Minnesota, extending the losing streak to 16 games…how much roster turnover are we expecting and how soon?

-Nebraska was without Cam Mack and Dachon Burke in the game, who were both suspended indefinitely prior to the game. It was the second straight game that Mack missed, following a suspension for the Michigan game after he had a hit and run in Lincoln

-It’s OK for us to speculate who might not be back next year (beyond the graduating seniors; Matej Kavas and Haanif Cheatham). Probably: Akol Arop, Kevin Cross, Dachon Burke, Jervay Green, and (likely) Cam Mack. Isn’t Mack’s future with Nebraska sealed with the news of the suspension and all the other problems they’ve had this year? Another wild offseason is ahead. Can we count this as Year Zero?