Nebrasketball appears set for a 3-year series with Kansas State…who else do you wish they’d do that with?

-Most people were excited to hear about this if it was in terms of football—but it’s not. Nope. Men’s basketball. Both teams were atrocious in 2019-20, but K-State made an Elite 8 recently. Next season’s game is at Sprint Center KC, 2021-22 game is in Lincoln, and then at K-State the next year

-Nebrasketball doesn’t have a rich tradition of success at all in hoops, and the teams that filled the crowds that game (looking at you, Kansas) pretty much always beat Nebraska down, minus the occasional close game or Nebraska defeat. But pretty much always a beatdown loss. Are they a team you’d want to come back? 2017 was pretty awesome except for the whole last-second loss thing..

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