Nebraska uses a solid 2nd half to beat Rutgers, 28-21, to get their 3rd win….and that concludes their season, as they decline a bowl invitation

-It was another topsy-turvy game for Nebraska, with 4 turnovers by Adrian Martinez, but also a better 2nd half for him, and a dominating rushing performance by Dedrick Mills and Martinez to put away Rutgers

-Martinez showed why he is a frustrating player the past few years: moments of brilliance with some great passes and great runs, but then fumble issues and interceptions to even it all out. He did enough to help Nebraska win, but still causes you to pull your hair out at times

-Nebraska declines a bowl game, which ends their season at 3-5, and surely the national media will turn to making fun of the team that threatened to sue the conference to play football….right?