Nebraska is 0-5 right now, but it’s not crazy to think that they can win their next 3 games before the monster that is Ohio State

  • Wait, is this POSITIVE SEGMENT from Sip & Jake?! That’s right—Northwestern will be a challenge and likely a close game, as always—but Nebraska plays well there. Win that game, and then you have the monkey off your back. Then, it’s Minnesota (average at best), and Bethune-Cookman (FCS Team). 3 game win streak is possible…
  • And, as long as you don’t get completely demoralized by Ohio State (ex. 77-3)…you have every reason to think you can beat Illinois (better than past years but still not great) and Michigan State (good, but not great, and a home game). And then—Iowa! Imagine how this season would turn if you won every game the rest of the season except for Ohio State. HOO BOY!
  • Also, audio from Monday’s press conference