Nebraska begins the season at No. 24 in the AP Poll, becoming the first team to come off of an 8-loss season to be preseason ranked since 2000-01

  • Nebraska is one of seven B1G teams to be in the preseason rankings, leading all conferences in most ranked teams (Ohio State at #5 and Michigan at #7 are the sole Top 10 teams in the conference)
  • Do you believe the conference is as deep as the preseason rankings would indicate? Is the B1G overrated, underrated, or properly rated? The SEC is second in teams ranked with 6, and look at the ACC—only 2 teams ranked (Clemson, Syracuse). Yikes. Maybe this will give the B1G a better chance at the playoff this year…unless the conference just eats each other up…Clemson probably prefers being in a conference with 1 other ranked team compared to 6 other ranked teams, no?