May 25th: You don’t want to hear about winning the offseason, but here we go—even before Nebraska plays their first game, when was the last time they felt this nationally relevant?

-Many websites are listing Scott Frost and Nebraska as programs to keep your eye on this year, and even the visits this spring from national writers like Dennis Dodd and Bruce Feldman is something we haven’t seen in quite some time

-Could you trace it all the way back to 2009? Has it really been 9 years since Nebraska has been as relevant as this, AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED A GAME YET?! Is it justified? Too much? The praise and hype is only going to get stronger and stronger before the first game is played…

-The Rays have a beleaguered starting rotation that has injury issues and also a high ERA, so manager Kevin Cash instead put his typical closer, Sergio Romo, in to START the past few games and go 1-2 innings so that his starters don’t have to face the best hitters right away. Good idea or dumb as hell?