March 30th: Greg Austin continues to praise the offensive line and it’s depth…is it possible that a new voice/message is all it will take for that group and others to take off?

-Ahhhhh, the old talent discussion again. The offensive line looked terrible for a good portion of the last few years, and looked soft, frankly. But we always looked at the star rankings for that group and said they should be better. Will Austin’s message be what it takes to start and realize their potential?

-How much did the way Mike Cavanaugh’s approach to the offensive line hurt Nebraska when all was said and done? Cavanaugh believed in 5 starters with very minimal—if any—subbing out for guys to get rest. Seems like it didn’t really ever let the back-ups get a chance to prove themselves or be ready when their name was called if a guy went down with injury in a game. Maybe competition in practice is what they needed all along (also—Brendan Jaimes officially to LT)