LSU gets 14 players drafted to the NFL, and Nebraska’s Davis twins both hear their names called in the late rounds

  • LSU had a record-breaking 14 players drafted, and their team was so deep that they had their long-snapper (!) drafted ahead of any Husker, before Khalil Davis was taken by the Bucs in the 6th round, and Carlos Davis went in the 7th round to the Steelers
  • Lamar Jackson was signed as an UDFA by the Jets after the draft, but it’s another disappointing performance by Nebraska in terms of NFL talent. 2 picks is better than none…but it would be nice to see some players go on Day 1 or 2 for a change…
  • Other thoughts on the draft…why did they focus so much on sad stories for players when they put up the info and bios about them?